French National Centre for Scientific Research

French National Centre for Scientific Research (University Paris 1, Pantheon Sorbonne – Paris School of Economics, France)


The National Center for Scientific Research, known by its French initials CNRS, is a science and technology agency operating under the auspices of the ministry of research. The CNRS operates through its own laboratories, as well as others run jointly with universities, fellow research organizations and industry. These laboratories are located throughout France, and several are even outside the country.

Its primary mission is to advance knowledge, but the CNRS also helps foster the application of its research results. For example, it maintains an extremely active partnership policy with industry.

The CNRS has five major missions:

  1. Amplify partnership actions.
  2. Leverage the results of research.
  3. Help create small businesses.
  4. Foster the transfer of innovative technologies.
  5. Train employees in economic and business practices.



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