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Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting (Nghe An, 2010)


The Development and Policies Research Center in collaboration with French National Centre for Scientific Research; Foreign Trade University, Hanoi; Van Xuan University of Technology; Nyenrode Business University and Center for Vietnamese and Southeast Asia Studies, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City organized the 3rd Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting (VEAM) in August 24 and 25, 2010 at Cua Lo, Nghe An province.

This workshop provided an opportunity for a dialogue among Vietnamese economists and Ph.D. students from all over the world to exchange their ideas on Management and Economics. A primary goal of the seminar was to initiate a worldwide network of Vietnamese economics scholars to expand and consolidate cooperation in economic research. The meeting was also an opportunity for Vietnamese Universities, Economic and Management Schools, Administrations and Firms to become acquainted with, first hand, the potentialities the research domains of the Vietnamese economist’s community all over the world.

Workshop Program

Session 1: Economic Growth and Development
Chair: Le Van Cuong

  • Nguyen Tu Anh, “Is Vietnam economic paradigm sustainable for catch up?”
  • Nguyen Duc Nhat, “The Impact of the Economic Stimulus on Domestic, Private Enterprises.”
  • Le Van Cuong, “Existence, Optimality and Dynamics of Equilibria with Endogenous Time Preference.”

Session 2: Trade
Chair: Nguyen Duc Nhat

  • Nguyen Thi Ha Trang, “An inquiry into the determinants of Vietnamese product export.”
  • Pham Hoang Van, “Wal-Mart as Catalyst to U.S.-China Trade.”

Section 3: Finance, Investment and Fiscal Policy
Chair: Le Quang Thanh

  • Le Quang Thanh, “Remittances for Economic Development: the Investment Perspective Area: Development Economics”
  • Phan Tran Trung Dung, ““Investment Dartboard” Revisited – Implications for an Efficient Vietnamese Market?”
  • Le Hong Nhat, “Presentation on An evolutionary approach for financial forecast.”

Session 4: Institutional and Organizational Econ
Chair: Partha Chatterjee

  • Vo Thi Quy, “Organizational culture of privatized firms and state- owned enterprises in Vietnam.”
  • Pham Duc Hieu, “Control and Performance of Strategic Alliances in Emerging Countries: The Case of International Joint Ventures in Vietnam”
  • Partha Chatterjee, Malik Shukayev, “Democracy and Growth Volatility: Exploring the Links.”

Session 5: Business Econo, Technology, Innovation
Chai: Yashushi Ueki

  • Le Duc Niem,”Freeware as an advertisement.”
  • Yashushi Ueki, “Technology Transfer to Vietnam through Engineer Exchanges under “China plus One” Strategy: Firm-level Evidence”

Session 6: Environmental Econ
Chair: Arnaud Reynaud

  • Dao Nguyen Thang, “Overlapping generations economy, environmental externalities, and taxation.”
  • Nguyen Manh Hung, “Endogenous technological progress for natural resources economics and climate change analysis”
  • Arnaud Reynaud, “Sequential sharing of a resource: an experimental investigation”