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Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting (Thai Nguyen, 2015)

The Eighth Vietnam Economists Annual Meeting

VEAM 2015


The Vietnam Economists Annual Meeting (VEAM) is an annual meeting organized for economists and social researchers around the world to present their scholarly studies and works. In this year, Thai Nguyen University, the Development and Policies Research Center (DEPOCEN), the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), and Foreign Trade University (FTU) held the Eighth Vietnam Economists Annual Meeting (VEAM 2015).

VEAM 2015 was taken place on 09th – 10th June 2015 in Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam.

VEAM brings together economists, social scientists and PhD students from Vietnam and all over the world to exchange their ideas on economics, finance and management. The meeting provides an opportunity to nurture a worldwide network of Vietnamese economists and other social scientists, expand and consolidate cooperation in scientific researches. It is an opportunity for Vietnamese universities, economics, finance and management schools, governmental agencies and companies to learn and experience high quality scholarly research. The meeting included a variety of other activities, including informal discussions between junior and senior researchers, presentations by leading international economists, and distinguished guests. This year, besides academic activities, the VEAM 2015 Organizers will organize sightseeing tours around Thai Nguyen City for participants to discover natural and cultural tourist attractions and vibrant life of the city (Register here).

The four keynote speakers for VEAM 2015 are:

  • 1. Le Van Cuong (Professor of Economics, CNRS, PSE, IPAG Business School, VCREME). Title of keynote lecture “Capital Taxation, Reduction of Inequality and Economic Growth”.
  • 2. Tony Makin (Professor of Economics, Griffith Business School, Australia). Title of keynote lecture “Reappraising Fiscal Activism”.
  • 3. Katheline Schubert (Professor of Economics, Paris School of Economics, France). Title of keynote lecture “Is Aquaculture Really an Option? A Theoretical Analysis”.
  • 4. Ania Zalewska (Professor of Finance, University of Bath, United Kingdom). Title of keynote lecture “Challenges of Financial Regulation in the Post Crisis World”.

The event is co-sponsored by DEPOCEN, World Bank, CNRS, Thai Nguyen University, Foreign Trade University, IPAG, VCREME, Paris School of Economics, Griffith Business School, and Vietnamese Finance Association International.
The Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), and the Vietnam Bond Market Association will sponsor three best papers for young researchers (BIDV-VEAM 2015 Prizes) and one best paper in macroeconomics for young researchers. Job openings are also available at BIDV and candidates are encouraged to apply to suitable positions in BIDV. The BIDV aims to directly recruit key personnel through VEAM 2015.

Workshop venue

The Thai Nguyen University

Address: Tan Thinh, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam.

Thai Nguyen University (TNU) is an educational community of vibrant and learned scholars, professionals, friends, and students. Since its establishment in 1994, TNU has become one of Vietnam’s leading regional Universities. It is a conglomeration of colleges which were established earlier as separate institutions of learning.

TNU is a multi-disciplinary and multi-level university model composing of 23 administrative units, training units, research units, and units for serving training and research, namely 07 universities, 01 colleges, 02 faculties, 01 publishing house, 01 practical hospital, 01 Learning Resource Centers, 01 Center for Defense Education, 03 research institutions and 06 centers of expertise. As of December 31, 2012, TNU has a total of 4,193 civil servants with 2,719 teaching staff, including 105 professors and associate professors, 398 PhD. and 1,776 master’s degree holders. In addition, TNU has approximately 1000 graduate students and students studying in the educational institutions all over the world.

Inspired by our University’s motto “Together We Create Success,” it is the aspiration of TNU to prepare our students to succeed in their chosen field of studies that will eventually bring them to become better professionals and assets of the country who will turn out to become promising leaders of our country.